Beckoned Forth, To and Fro

Beckoned Forth, To and Fro. 2016. Electronics, Laser, Phosphorescent paint, Motors, Custom software, Acrylic, 3D printed plastic, Hardware.

Plotter Drawings

Untitled (21 Circle Triangle). Detail.


Lissajous. 2015. Laser, arduino, servos, electronics, phosphorescent paint.

Part of a series of machines that exist in the space between mathematic precision and human frailty, they do their best within their limits to execute algorithmic drawings by passing the point of a laser over a phosphorescent surface. They use the computing power of an Arduino microcontroller to calculate the programmed coordinates and send the laser to that point. This process repeats several times a second. Due to limitations in the software and hardware, the physical output of these machines varies with each repetition.